The Toxic Advisor

I found this blog ( interesting looking at what you can do when your advisor or PI is “toxic.”   I found the following section to be interesting in the latest MeToo movement:

Having a manipulative PhD advisor is not normal. Having PI that takes advantage of you is not acceptable. Having a PI that puts their career advancement ahead of your own professional development is not something that you or any other grad student should have to tolerate.

I wonder how many students have a bad experience at graduate school?    I have been in the academic setting at the graduate level for now 7 years.   I have always heard about students that left for various reasons in their program.   There are always professors that are whispered about avoiding either their class or labs from other graduate students.  In today’s society with the MeToo movement, these professors and their malfeasance are becoming more in the forefront of the academic setting.

I wonder how many students left in this situation.  I can count a half dozen of students that left due to the poor situation with an advisor.   I always find it interesting that there are limited fall back resources for a graduate student.




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