Intellectual Property

As I am reading the “Bad Blood” book, I keep thinking about intellectual property. If I come up with a good idea, it is owned by someone else. As I have employment outside of the university, I have signed (the now common) non-disclosure agreement and non-compete agreement so my employer owns all patents and “good ideas” that I may come up with at work. If I come with a good idea at school, I can control it but the university and department gets a chunk of the money. <spoiler alert> In the book, I enjoyed the part when the “bosses” of the company called the police when an employee quit. When the police came and asked what he stole, they responded that he stole what was in his mind. I found it interesting that the company would hire the best and brightest for a particular skill set to work on a portion of the project but they were so afraid their “technology” would be stolen even in their minds of their employees.

I wonder if a private company or a university would announce that they would not touch an individual’s intellectual property if they come up on their own if that would promote invention and intellectual advancement. There would be a profit incentive for the individual to put something together. I guess I will never know.

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  1. I also found that part of the book to be particularly funny in a sense. I can only imagine what the cop was thinking after hearing that. “Who are these nut jobs?” It does worry me that in jobs people can lay claim to my ideas and knowledge. The extent of paranoia in the book by Elizabeth and Sunny scares me for future employment. I am hopeful that I will be able to recognize a crazy situation like that before employment though.


  2. I didn’t know that the school got a large portion of the money from any projects we profit off of! It’s really something to think about as far as saving your best ideas for yourself! I haven’t gotten as far as you have in Bad Blood but I look forward to getting to the point of the spoiler you mentioned


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