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The end

This is my last post for CEE 5804. I wanted to thank all of you for the lively discussions during class. I also want to thank Dr. Edwards for his serials of his ups and downs as a professor advocate for social justice. His blend of his stories, other readings, and his passion came out in the class. As I am officially done with classes for my PhD, I find it ironic that it ends on this class. There has been 67 other lecture classes I have attended since I started college 9,250 days ago. If you are doing the math, I started my undergraduate in August 1995. I imagine I started college before most of the class was born. I hope that you go into your profession either in private industry or academia with your eyes wide open to the world around you. I hope you can avoid the school of hard knocks with some of the lessons from the class. I wish you all good luck in your careers!


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